Message from the Managing Director

  • Dear Parents, Sanskriti is dedicated in ensuring that the child is provided an environment

    that is most conducive to enable the child’s physical, cerebral, emotional and social development. Children of this age group are very impressionable and thus, the knowledge and skills imparted during these formative years play a vital role in deciding the kind of individual a child would develop into, not just from an academic perspective but even when it comes to gaining emotional intelligence/maturity and being able to deal with challenges that life has to offer. it is now a well – established fact that the competence of a preschool curriculum has a significant impact during the child’s early developmental years. It is this segment of Early Childhood Learning and Development that Sanskriti, a Digi Play School caters to. We are proud to introduce our state of the art NTOP – which provides in house training to all our Teachers of Sanskriti DPS franchisee branches. 

    Managing Director