• 1. Having access to a proven and successful format of operating the business that has been developed by the Franchisor.

    2. Using the SANSKRITI’s brand name, which already has recognition thereby reducing precious time, huge expenditure and efforts that are involved in creating a brand name and then establishing reputation.

    3. A Professional support provided by us ensuring guidance in your business operations and a franchisee can bank upon the management, marketing and personnel assistance provided by the company.

    4. Childcare programmes such as play schools, pre-schools or pre-primary schools bring forth one of the most lucrative and safe investment opportunities.Owning and operating a play school doesn’t require any technical qualification or past experience.

    5. In fact, pre-school is all about teaching young children by reaching to their world where they always love to be.Neither does it involve investing huge sums of money nor has it extended break-even periods.

    6. A feeling of satisfaction for playing the role of an Educationist in the society who provides an essential learning experience to the children. The comfort of getting scheduled earnings in the form of school fees, which would multiply every year due to increase in the admission of pre school kids